9:00 AM

Birth - Early Elementary

10:30 AM

Birth - 5th Grade

Melinda Rossi

Parkland Kids Ministry Pastor




9:00 & 10:30 AM

Birth - 5th Grade

Cassandra Moreno

Graham Kids Ministry Pastor


We are ready to welcome your kids to our nursery (birth to 36 months), pre-school, and elementary classes during our morning services.


At RVCC Kids, we create irresistible environments for kids to begin to follow Jesus, build friendships in small groups,

and discover they can make a difference by serving others and sharing about Jesus.



Our nursery is staffed with screened volunteers and prepared with age-appropriate toys, for little ones to have fun playing and knowing they are safe and secure. From the very start at RVCC Kids, we want our little ones to experience that God cares for them! 


(AGES 3-5/PRE-K)

In our preschool rooms, kids learn from the Bible through age-appropriate stories, crafts, and worship songs that reinforce how they can begin to know Jesus as their forever best friend. They are also given the opportunity to build long lasting relationships with their friends and teachers in small groups. Parent Cue cards are handed out, as an encouragement and resource you parents to build a life of faith at home.



Our gatherings are designed to help elementary age kids discover how to follow Jesus in a way that is engaging and makes sense to them. Each week they get to play games, worship God, work on Bible memory verses, and make friends in a small group. Kids will also go home with a God Time Card, a devotional that you can do with them each week. We want what begins on Sunday to take root at home each and every week with easy to use tools and discussions that any parent can lead their kids in.


We require you to complete a registration card before checking in your child(ren) in for the first time. If you'd like to save a few minutes once you arrive, you can follow the link or scan the QR code for the location you'll be visiting to complete the registration in advance.

When you arrive to check your child(ren) into RVCC KIDS, let the check-in staff know that you have  completed this form and show them the confirmation email. Depending on when you filled out the form, we may or may not have your child(ren) in our system before you attend on Sunday morning, but if not this Sunday, they’ll be there by next week!



We bring kid-inspired fun to every gathering and classroom through worship music, interactive games, and friendly environments. Our team of volunteers is made up of people who feel called to share the love of Jesus with kids.  Every Sunday they help bring excitement and enjoyment to your child’s church experience!


Our top priority is to always keep kids safe. We want the kids to feel accepted, loved, and secure. We want to ensure every parent feels their child is safe and secure at RVCC Kids. Our staff and volunteers in every classroom have completed a nation-wide background check before they can begin serving. This is just one of the steps we take to help you as a parent to have confidence and trust in us to keep your kids safe.


For the safety of the children in our ministry areas and our volunteers, children who have experienced any of the following symptoms within the past 24 hours will be asked to stay with their parents during the service.

Fever of 100 or greater (must be fever-free without the use of medication for 24 hours)




Sore Throat

Any illness for which the child needs antibiotics (must be on the antibiotics for 24 hours before returning)

Very runny nose or bad cough

Rash of unknow origin

Active head-lice


At RVCC Kids, we are excited to invest in the next generation and this starts with babies and kids. From praying over infants to sharing relevant Bible lessons with elementary kids, our goal is for each child to not just learn about the Bible each week but see how they can start living out what they discover on Sundays. We use Orange curriculum, which is all about taking the light of the church (yellow) and the heart/love of the home (red) and putting them together to make Orange. We are passionate about partnering with parents as they disciple their kids and teach them what it means to follow Jesus!  We have many simple to use tools that will help you develop faith at home in the life of your kids!



Parents check their kids in with the help of a volunteer or at our self-check-in counter. We have a secure check-in process that involves a randomly-generated, alphanumeric code printed on the child’s tag and the parents receipt tag. This ensures only the approved adults are picking up their kids each week.